Buying sweets from non vegan vendors 🍬

We have noticed recently, rather a lot actually, that some (not all!) Omni sweet shops are selling vegan sweets. We champion 🏆 this move as it great to see the world shifting in the right direction, however we have a few concerns we thought best to share with you.


Vegan's know what they can eat

Non-vegans are often confused, and we're sure you've heard this more than once "HONEY, WHAT? You can't eat honey! 🍯 What do you mean, you can't eat an apple 🍏 from Costa Coffee ☕️, don't be so ridiculous, all fruit is vegan, Andrex toilet roll 🧻 isn't vegan? You're pulling my leg". And because we are vegans we know, we know honey is by-product from a living specie, we know Costa waxes their apples to make them look good so we refrain them from our diet, and we also know that Andrex toilet roll isn't cruelty free. 🌱


We're also sure you've heard the more simple questions too, "you don't drink milk 🥛?". Even today people think vegans are actually vegetarians, just with a new fancy name. 🤦🏼‍♀️


So back to our point, we've noticed a few shops selling sweets as vegan that we know not be vegan. We will not name and shame as that's bad practise, but we will ask you to all be vigilant.


Even when receiving gifts 🎁. Imagine aunty Mary spots a vegan range on her usual sweetie website and kindly buys it for you, and it's not actually vegan!! 😧 It's happening out there to some poor souls, so just keep an eye out.


Another side to the story, the sweets might be vegan, but have they been in contact with non-vegan sweets? Has the person picking the sweets washed their hands 👐🏼, and containers, changed their gloves etc before vegan use, to avoid cross contamination? ⚠️ This is something we can only hope is happening. We hope they respect our vegan choices, and aren't jumping on a bandwagon to make money 💷.


If it's not a vegan owned 🌱, Vegan Founded 🌱or Vegan Trader's Union 🌱 registered company, check the ingredients, ask the shop questions if you are unsure. It's better to be safe than sorry before tucking in 💚

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