About us

About us and our products:

We are not just another sweet shop; we are doing things very differently here at Simply Vegan Sweets HQ. Not only our sweets delicious and exceptionally moorish, tasty and cruelty free, we are single use plastic free with our packaging. We use fully sustainable packaging and have thought of everything, so the only guilty indulgence with our sweets will be how many you can eat!

Our sweet bags are fully compostable, including the ziplock, and will 100% biodegrade in as little as 10 weeks. They are made from renewable materials and plants yet are easy to open and will keep your sweets fresh for as long as you can stop yourself eating them! Which if you're like us, they'll all be gone in a flash!

The bags are not made of plastic, they are not as durable as traditional bags, but we don't mind, as they are kind to the planet. Please take care of the bag whilst they are taking care of your sweets. 


Bespoke options:

Simply Vegan Sweets can customise their product to suit your event. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with for bespoke favours for corporate events, weddings, wedding parties, baby showers, naming ceremonies and parties. Please feel to contact us at hello@simplyvegansweets.com with your requirements. 


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